September 6 2022

A warm welcome to all the new FAST Faculty/Staff.

FAST Administration

Kristen Doopan, Marketing, Events and Information Specialist

Dominique Rivera, Digital Content Specialist (PT)

School of Applied Computing

Mark Orlando, Associate Dean*

Kristin Armstrong, Associate Dean (Davis Campus) (started August 2022)

Katelyn (Kati) Pearson, Administrative Support Officer (started March 2022)

Diana Rimac, School of Applied Computing Program Manager (started May 2022)

*As of August 8, 2022 – Mark will be overseeing Applied Computing programs at the Trafalgar Campus, he was formerly responsible for the Davis Campus portfolio

Full-Time Faculty

Muhammad Asif (starting Fall 2022)

Kobra Khanmohammadi (starting Fall 2022)

George Mikhailov (Winter 2022)

Farah Hussein (Winter 2022)

Saneeha Ahmed (Winter 2022)

Ahmad Soleimani (Winter 2022)

Pooja Kakkar (Winter 2022)

Angjelina Konini (Winter 2022)

Non Full-Time Faculty

Al Pijenburg (starting Fall 2022)

Jeff Sepehri (starting Fall 2022)

Jasmine Kalra (starting Fall 2022)

George Wanganga (starting Fall 2022)

Mallika Mallika (starting Fall 2022)

Nagma Nagma (starting Fall 2022)

Purva Raut (starting Fall 2022)

Fahad Jan (starting Fall 2022)

Joe De Franco (starting Fall 2022)

Hajredin Daku (starting Fall 2022)

Binsy Salin (starting Fall 2022)

Doug Ferrier (starting Fall 2022)

Sam Surkhang (starting Fall 2022)

Sri Devi Rammohan (starting Fall 2022)

Balwinder Kaur (starting Fall 2022)

Rohan Paspallu (starting Fall 2022)

Narinder Pal Singh (starting Fall 2022)

School of Architectural Technology

Petro Karanxha (Full-Time faculty) – start date unknown

Robert Alzuarde (Part-Time faculty) – start date unknown

Dalia Bahy (Part-Time faculty) – start date unknown

Josie Costantini (Part-Time faculty) – start date unknown

Francesca Doctolero (Part-Time faculty) – start date unknown

Taremeh Haghi (Part-Time faculty) – start date unknown

Justin Loucks (Part-Time faculty) – start date unknown

Amr Merdan (Part-Time faculty) – start date unknown

Dorian Moore (Part-Time faculty) – start date unknown

Mark Nickita (Part-Time faculty) – start date unknown

Oksana Sivers (Part-Time faculty) – start date unknown

School of Applied Chemical and Environmental Sciences

Genevieve Kenny (Full-Time faculty) – start date unknown

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Technology

Nadim Arafa (Full-Time faculty that started in Winter 2022)

Jacob Chodoriwsky (Full-Time faculty starting in Fall 2022)

Maziar Heidari (Full-Time faculty starting in Fall 2022)

Mohammed Hosseini (Full-Time faculty starting in Fall 2022)

Natalia Pshenitsyna (Full-Time faculty starting in Fall 2022)

Daniel Van Kooten (MEET Lab Manager; official start Winter 2022)

Yanfei Tu (Part-Time Electronics Technologist- started Summer 2022)

Magna School of Skilled Trades

Gregory Royal, Acting Associate Dean (Spring 2022)

Mary Kate Grey, Program and Community Outreach Manager

Vanessa Sween, Administrative Support Officer(started August 2022)

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