Chemistry Club

Applied Chemical & Environmental Sciences

The School of Applied Chemical and Environmental Sciences offers education in chemistry, chemical engineering and environmental engineering.

Chemists solve problems in the laboratory; chemical engineers solve them in the chemical and environmental industries. One of the hallmarks of the Chemical and Environmental Sciences programs at Sheridan is a strong emphasis on hands-on laboratory work; our labs have state-of-the-art equipment and a large set of pilot plants that model industrial operations for environmental control and chemical production applications.

Applied Computing Clubs

Applied Computing

Our Applied Computing programs prepare you to respond to the rapidly evolving field of Information and Communication Technology. You’ll experience hands-on learning in critical topics like information systems security, mobile and wireless technology, web development, computer programming, software engineering, interactive media management, database development and internet communications technology.

Architectural Technology Open House

Architectural Technology

In the School of Architectural Technology, we give students a practical education in design development, graphic communication, legislation, building science and structure. Graduates from our two- and three-year diplomas enter the workforce with two powerful competitive advantages: a nationally recognized credential and a superior, industry-approved education.

Solar Panels

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology

Students in the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology (MEET) learn to apply engineering principles, methods, and techniques to conceive, design, implement, and operate (CDIO) value-added engineering products, processes, and systems. Sheridan is pleased to offer two engineering degrees in addition to their Mechanical and Electrical Engineering diplomas, and certificate programs that are suited to the many interests of our mechanical and electrical engineering students.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology

Magna School for the Skilled Trades

Sheridan’s skilled trades programs provide students with practical skills and hands-on knowledge in industrial and/or construction trade sectors. Learning in well-equipped, state-of-the-art labs and workshops gives students the opportunity to apply theory with hands-on projects, making them better prepared to enter today’s fast-paced workplace.

Upon graduation students will have learned in industry-standard workshops, developing the skills of their chosen profession. Grads leave Sheridan ready and able to begin their apprenticeship, continue an apprenticeship or earn their Certificate of Qualification allowing then to work as Journeypersons in a skilled trade.