December 2 2019

The Sheridan Mobile Computing Club has officially launched. The student club is poised to become a playground for students to unleash their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and foster deep friendships and successful collaborations fueled by their passion for mobile computing.

Approximately 50 students participated in the inaugural club event which featured an alumni roundtable with the 2019 pioneer graduates of the Honours Computer Science (Mobile Computing) program at Sheridan College. According to Magdin Stoics, Mobile Computing’s Program Coordinator, the event was a bucket filling experience and a significant inflection point in the development of the Mobile Computing program. The energy and excitement in the room was palpable with the genesis of a vibrant student community that will cut through classroom boundaries and years and allow like-minded students to join their passion, creativity and expertise.

We look forward to hearing great things from the Sheridan Mobile Computing Club.

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