March 16 2021

Covid-19 government restrictions are responsible for the long line-ups outside of stores and shopping centres. Simple weekly errand runs are now lengthy, challenging activities for all of us. Waiting in line-ups is also detrimental to our health and safety during this pandemic. Luckily, Sheridan’s School of Applied Computing students created QueueBuddy.

QueueBuddy is an app that lets users wait in line virtually, through their phone. Smartphone users can see their spot, in real time, on the web application, while other cellphone users can wait in line through SMS messaging.

Students also implemented an easy-to-use dashboard on QueueBuddy which allows business owners to display relevant information about their stores, including store hours and wait-times for line ups.

The creators behind QueueBuddy are Miguel Ramos, Richa Srivastava, and Nathan Lapp. They’re part of our Software Development and Network Engineering (SDNE) program. Ramos and Srivastava graduated in December 2020, while Lapp is currently completing his final co-op term.

“Inspired by the long lines outside grocery stores, and all the chaos that Covid-19 brought, we decided to see if we could develop something that could help. Luckily, my capstone classes and the resources/mentorship at Sheridan EDGE provided me with the necessary information to make QueueBuddy become a reality,” says Ramos.

When it comes to next steps for QueueBuddy, the students hope to implement virtual queues in greater numbers for the convenience of our future for places like doctor’s waiting rooms or even theme parks! They also hope to embark on a new feature for QueueBuddy, in which users can book appointments through the app.

QueueBuddy is not where it ends for Ramos, Srivastava, and Lapp.

Ramos plans to combine his passion for coding and helping others into his own tech company that will focus on making meaningful changes in peoples lives. Srivastava aims to inspire others in a project manager role in the IT field, and Lapp hopes to continue his education and eventually work in the research or non-profit sector.

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