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Sheridan College’s Google Developers Student Club

Sheridan College’s Google Developers Student Club

Sheridan's Google Developers Student Club has had many impressive achievements. In this FAST spotlight series, we highlight the successes of Sheridan's GDSC.

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National Engineering Month Event 2022

Celebrating National Engineering Month 2022 with NEM Ontario at the Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate Session.

Google Developer Club - 30 Days of Cloud

Sheridan: Highest-earning school in North America collecting 45 badges at 30 Days of Cloud

The Google Developer Student Clubs recently launched a Google Cloud campaign called “30 Days of Cloud” to encourage students to learn Google Cloud and related technologies.  Our local Sheridan...

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Student’s coop experience at Telus sparks continued research

Sheridan’s Dr Tarek El Salti, recent nominee for a Sheridan People Award in SRCA (Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities), Dr Edward Sykes, Director of the Centre for Mobile Innovation,...