March 16 2021

How often have you found yourself staring indecisively into the refrigerator, not sure what to make for dinner or what’s even there to eat? Well, ponder no longer thanks to Fridgi, a new mobile phone app cooked up by our Applied Computing students.

Fridgi is a cross-platform mobile app that tracks your kitchen inventory. It manages your shopping list, shows what foods are running low, and even suggests recipes based on the ingredients in your kitchen. Fridgi runs on all Android or iOS devices using Flutter framework.

Sheridan graduates, Stefano Gregor Unlayao, Danielle Haynes, George Makalintal, and Michael Marc, all of whom are students in the Software Development and Network Engineering (SDNE) program, collaborated to create Fridgi for their year end Capstone project.

“Stefano is the brains behind Fridgi. Most of the application, design and fine details would not be possible without him. A bulk of the architecture, business logic and programming came from Danielle and George. I was mainly there for the idea and general programming tasks,” says Michael.

When it comes to the server-side implementation, Stefano thanks Sheridan’s Advanced .NET Server-Side Technologies course, which taught important programming principles including app scalability and manageability.

Google Cloud Vision API and UPCitemDB enabled features like image recognition and in-app barcode scanning for a seamless transition of ingredients on your grocery list, straight to your phone. So after grocery shopping, you can either manually add new ingredients into the app, scan the barcode, or take a picture of the ingredients and upload to the app.

Fridgi is only the beginning for our applied computing graduates; Unlayao, Haynes, Makalintal, and Marc hope to use their communication skills, creativity, and technical knowledge in the software development field.

Enrol in an applied computing program and you too can create the apps of tomorrow.

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