June 15 2021

Kostia Arlouski, a 2017 alumni from the Sheridan Software Development and Network Engineering program, joined us on June 2nd for a candid, informative and inspirational session on his progression from his time at Sheridan, to Shopify as a Front-end Developer.

Twenty students gathered, throughout the course of the event, to hear Kostia speak about his journey as a Sheridan student, and the friends he made along the way. Kostia was proud to be a Sheridan student and enjoyed speaking with the new cohorts about his experiences.

After Kostia graduated, he worked at various companies such as Univerise and ARI. Kostia’s long term goal was to work at Shopify. He had applied three times, always getting rejected, until he finally was able to secure an interview and wow the hiring panel.

Kostia’s advice at the end of event was to not give up through the job searching process. It’s okay to not get into the company of your dreams right away, the opportunity might just be waiting for the right time to present itself.

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