December 2 2020

Paired with an interdisciplinary group of industry professionals, a team of Sheridan’s Architectural Technology students participated in the 3-day Nordic & Canadian Circular Economy Hackathon. Nicole Bermudez, Huang Chen and Majdi Haddad used their technical skills to propose ideas for the Town of Oakville’s upcoming Oakvillage development by Minto Communities.

Dave Clark, Project Officer with Sheridan’s Office for Sustainability, was instrumental in the team’s energy and ecological approach, while Professor Shannon Pirie, from Sheridan’s School of Architectural Technology, mentored the students and assited them in pulling together the architectural visuals.

The final proposal presented to the judging panel was well-rounded and forward-thinking. In the end, everyone learned a lot and came together as a team to deliver a solid project in a short time with creativity, imagination and determination at the forefront.

2020 Architectural Technology - Nordic and Canadian Circular Economy hackathon-2

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