March 24 2021

On March 10th, Omar Abu Samra, a second year Software Development Network Engineering (SDNE) student and owner of the SDNE discord channel, hosted a motivational seminar for students in Applied Computing diploma programs. Between 30 – 40 attendees the inaugural meeting which focused on a discussion around job/co-op hunting, the tremendous value of their diploma, and with the alignment of effort and persistence as keys to success!

Stefan Šlehta, a SDNE alumni, joined the group to share his experiences moving from post secondary into a full time Senior Software Developer role at Shopify. Stefan graduated from SDNE in 2018 and completed a co-op at Hatch as a Software Development Intern. After graduation, he started working at Shopify and, as of April 2020, moved into a Senior Software Developer role.

Stefan spoke about some of the obstacles he encountered, and his success in overcoming those barriers and landing in a senior software development role a mere two years later.

Omar intends to host more Fireside chats with alumni from the School of Applied Computing diploma programs. He has already lined up an alumni lined for his next Fireside chat in the first month of the spring/summer semester.

Details coming soon.

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