Congratulations to the winners of our Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Capstone projects. We are proud of all our students for their hard work and dedication to develop the best possible solutions to their industry problems.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone Winners

Booking Connoisseur

The objective was to develop an online room booking system

Team Members:
David Szot
Jacob Rumbolt
Muhammad Husnain

Find out more about Booking Connoisseur

Virtual Pool Trainer

A solution to help beginners get better at the game of pool

Team Members:
Matthew Ferreira Raposo
Omar Anabtawi

Find out more about the Virtual Pool Trainer

GuideMe Watch

An affordable product with multiple features to help those with memory related challenges

Team Members:
Jia Hui Huang
Margarita Attoui
Niyant Shah
Leonardo Daza Ortiz

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Mechanical Engineering Technology Capstone Winners


Robotic Boat Launcher

The goal was to get recreational boats in and out of the water safely and quickly.

Team Members:
Mark Llovit
Darius Inniss
Luke Stuart
Raymond Sun Kit On

Find out more about the Robotic Boat Launcher

Mobile Smart Elevators

The project goal was to develop an alternative solution to existing home stair-lift options, improving safety while remaining portable, and modern.

Team Members:
Alex Desbiens
Lanz Fernandez
Maria Sous
Sahil Singh Sidhu

Virtual Reality Modelling of Davis Campus

The objective was to create a 3D model of Davis campus using simulation software and google maps.

Team Members:
Nilay Parmar
Yash Gandhi
Yash Patel
Viralkumar Patel


Design and Build Mobile Vision/PLC System Stations
Jerald Bezener

The objective was to develop a PLC station integrated with vision system and sensors that would have an industrial application and be designed and fabricated for a student’s learning perspective.

Team Members:
Harman Jot Singh Wadzatia
Harpreet Singh
Vaibhav Bhaveshkumar Patel
Anuj Vaghela

Find out more about Design and Build Mobile Vision PLC System

Tool Cleaning Station
Oscar Garcia

The project goal was to create a system to clean dirty tools, especially now, when COVID protocols demand strict cleaning standards.

Team Members:
Karanveer Saini
Raj Bhavsar
Naitik Patel
Yash Patel

Find out more about the Tool Cleaning Station

Alarm Intrusion Detector
Samantha Aiello

To goal was to create an alarm security system able to take advantage of weather conditions and vast open space for rural properties and farmhouses.

Team Members:
Yousif Fareed
Mutahir Majeed
Youssef Abdallah

Find out more about the Alarm Intrusion Detector


Fanuc Robots and Excel

The project intent was to create a data connection between Excel and an automated service robot (ASR) to provide service of food and drink distribution in an effort to minimize human interaction.

Team Members:
Vasyl Polishchuk
Mina Nematian
Yanfei Tu
Alex May

Automated Irrigation System

The proposed pilot project implemented a Wi-Fi controlled valve in communication with a smart home voice control device, embedded in an efficient piping system for use in residential homes and backyards.

Team Members:
Muhammad Tahir
Elias Sansil
Dana-Ann Bennett
Muhammad Zain Arif

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

The objective was to create a remote program platform operated remotely from anywhere via internet medium.

Team Members:
Devansh Patel
Jugal Khadalia
Parth Patel
Harish Patel

Our students are amazing, and it’s not just us who’s noticing! In their Summer 2021 issue, the IEEE Toronto (a community for electrical and computer engineers and related professions) features an article on the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Capstone projects highlighting two of the many outstanding Capstone projects from 2020; the Guide Me Watch and Alarm Intrusion Detection Systems.

All our students put in an amazing effort throughout their Capstone project and deliver results that are nothing shy of exceptional.