May 2 2020
  • Project title

    Terraprobe Environmental Controls Report

  • Sheridan program name

    Environmental Control

  • Release Date


  • Project Description

    Through working remotely and visiting sites, our experience at Terraprobe has been effective in teaching us the skills necessary to become excellent field technicians and well-rounded environmental consultants.

    During our time at Terraprobe, we were able to learn how borehole drilling, soil sampling, groundwater sampling, and monitoring well installation occurs; and as a result, have gained more confidence in our knowledge of field work and site visits. Even given the unique circumstances with this year's project, the work we completed has been extremely helpful in determining what career choices we wish to pursue and by giving us a solid foundation in skills to work elsewhere in the environmental industry.

    The skills we developed from Terraprobe are appreciated, practical, and are great examples of relevant experience we need to start our careers as environmental professionals.