May 1 2021
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    Computer Systems Technology - Software Development and Network Engineering

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    At queuebuddy we aim to help alleviate pressure on business on conforming Covid-19 quarantine standards by providing an easy to use solution to have customers join the line, and for the owner to delegate someone to manage that line completely virtual, by way of Web application and SMS messaging.

    Our application consist of a backend REST api and WebSocket api hosted on AWS using Elastic Beanstalk to manage load balancing and factors such as HTTPS and DNS. On the front end we have created a website in Wix that where business owners can manage aspects of their store, such as store hours and who gets to manage the line.

    For the future we hope to integrate work done in this capstone class into our production environment, as we only have them in our development environment thus far. Further from this we hope to add a feature that will allow store owners to setup appointments, to accommodate businesses such as hair dressers and Doctors Offices.

  • Project background/history

    At first we had the idea of Simpl4x, which was meant to be a way for normal people to get investing in the foreign exchange market and that also would have deployed a machine learning AI to predict what the market would be like in the future by parsing current world events. We got decently far, however due to in confidence in the future of the project because of factors such as Covid-19 we dropped that idea shortly after the first capstone course ended.

    In the spring one of the team member's sisters had the idea of a virtual line system. After some changing around with the idea and platform, this later became QueueBuddy which transformed into a business, around June, with Nathan Lapp, Miguel Ramos Gonzales and Miguel's. The two sisters became Founders of this company.

    Near the end of the summer we had an alpha going, this is pretty much the state of the release, except with more polish. The reason it took so long to release was factors such as funding, busy school/work load and developing the new features for the capstone, which will not see release until later.

  • Project features

    • Business owner management interface
    • Managing line through SMS
    • Managing line through WebSocket API (Web Application)
    • Users joining line through SMS
    • Users joining line through WebSocket API
    • Defer place in line feature
    • ETA Feature
    • Allowing users who joined through the WebApp to get updates on their position in line through WebApp, sms and email

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    Our group has great vision and drive, we have managed to create a company from our project and just recently launched. We are very capable as working as a team and understand each others’ strengths and weaknesses well.