May 1 2021
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    Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing)

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    NowFantasy is a fantasy soccer platform that brings fantasy soccer to smaller leagues not targeted by major fantasy sport providers (Yahoo Sports, DraftKings, FanDuel etc.). This platform allows users to play fantasy soccer for their favourite league, while enabling the league to seamlessly manage and monitor their own game.

    The client application is deployed on the web, while the admin application is a native iOS app. The platform also features a chatbot named "Carlos" that makes it easier for fantasy sport new-comers. Data analytics is also heavily used in all aspects of the platform to help drive user and admin decisions.

    We deployed this platform to the Canadian Premier League (CanPL) in August. Throughout the course of the season, over 370 fans participated in the game. This gained national recognition when it was featured on OneSoccer's TV segment, "Inside the Bubble". Initially, we planned to deploy our platform to 3 leagues throughout the year. Unfortunately, due to the on-going pandemic, many leagues were cancelled or postponed. Next year, we plan to run CanPL Fantasy and target other larger leagues.

  • Project background/history

    Sports is what brought our group together. We are all avid fantasy sports fans and when we heard about the Canadian Premier League, we wanted to be engaged by playing fantasy soccer. Unfortunately since this league was new, there were no existing fantasy sports games. We started looking at other similar sized soccer leagues and noticed very few of them had their own game.

    Large fantasy sport providers only cater to larger leagues (NBA, NHL, NFL etc.) leaving smaller leagues behind. These small leagues want to take advantage of the benefits fantasy sports bring, but are unable to due to budget and resource constraints. We wanted to create a platform that allows fans to play fantasy soccer for their favourite league while giving leagues control over managing it.

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    CanPL Fantasy

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    • Engaging user experience
    • Unique fantasy sports experience
    • Scalable to a large number of users
    • Beginner friendly
    • Easy to manage
    • Competitive atmosphere

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    Our group is comprised of incredibly talented Software Developers, with skills ranging from intuitive UI/UX design, scalable architecture, and robust back end development. As avid sports fans, we’re passionate about taking these skills and applying them to the sports domain. Over the past 12 months, we formed a company called NowFantasy that is focused on reducing the effort required to create and maintain fantasy soccer games, especially for smaller leagues.