May 1 2021
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    Computer Systems Technology - Software Development and Network Engineering

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  • Project Description

    CourseAid is a reliable, in-house, mobile-responsive, student feedback/review system, that will provide the student with pertinent information to help in making informed decision, during enrolment, or any other class/course selection process.

    CourseAid recognizes that every student is different and has his/her own learning style, and as such should be, assisted in choosing a class that complements that style. For instance, a student might like an instructor considered to be tough, another might not… Or a course where the attendance is mandatory and another might not. CourseAid will provide that assistance.

    Additionally, while CourseAid is designed primarily for the students, it is also a beneficial resource for the instructor. It will provide a wealth of information that will help illuminate the effectiveness of the teaching style of an instructor and show whether that style needs to be altered or refined.

    Presently the project is near to its completion but we have plans to add a few more features before the Pitch video presentation. Currently we're working on adding a feature for the professors to login and respond to the reviews submitted under their profile Being a customer centric team, we aim to make the registration and login process as smooth as possible that's why we are planning to add an optional google oAuth2 authentication to CourseAid in future. We also plan to add graph analytics to provide better reporting to the team to analyse the CourseAid performance, growth and reliability.

  • Project background/history

    Our team's main motive was to find a perfect way to help future/current Sheridan Students by creating an environment where they can share their feelings, reviews and experiences about a course or an instructor.

    At first, we were looking to create a Social Media website (similar to Facebook) where any student can post/like/share/comment on every post from another student. But after some analysis, we found out that creating a social media website is far from becoming a real project since most of the students already have a Social Media account and they already use it on a regular basis. As the main purpose of our project was to help the college students decide which course or Professor will be the best fit, the idea of building the social media website will not solely serve this purpose. We only want students to submit feedback about a course or an instructor.

    Then we came up with an idea of creating a better/more friendlier alternative of Our aim to help each and every student to make a perfect choice for their course. We as students ourselves can understand other students more than anyone else.

  • Project features

    • Simplicity of the user interface and mobile responsive design.
    • Veracity of reviews
    • Basic analytics tools
    • Security enforcement
    • Multi-level Language filtering
    • Report an offensive review by the student users

  • Additional information

    Zerobug is a group comprising of four capable individuals who are proficient in several programming languages such as, Java, Javascript, mySQL, C#, C, frameworks like Spring Boot, Angular, and are adept in the creation, manipulation and maintenance of databases both in Relational Database and Big Data environments. We also have a wealth of knowledge in the implementation of cellular wireless technologies, and cloud deployment. The collaborative ZeroBug team is very goal-oriented, customer-centric, and adopts the Agile peer-programming methodology to develop software that our potential customers can rely on.