Every year a new group of students enter their final year in Applied Computing and have the unique and cumulative experience of working on a Capstone project. This project is completed over the course of their entire final year and is integrated with the curriculum. Capstone projects are a hands-on opportunity for students to work with an industry or community partner to generate a real solution to a real problem.

When it comes to innovation and teamwork, our students rise to the top. Their year end Capstone projects showcase their creativity, capability and knowledge, and provide the opportunity to develop a solution to a real-world problem.

Each Capstone project stands out in its own right, but two such projects spotlight a significant degree of relevance in today’s society and an impressive amount of ingenuity and collaboration in finding a solution.

Our teams gathered on Tuesday, December 8th to present their projects at the 2020 Applied Computing Capstone Showcase. The results were nothing shy of impressive!

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