Every year a new group of students enter their final year in the School of Applied Computing and have the unique and cumulative experience of working on a Capstone project. This project is completed over the course of their entire final year and is integrated with the curriculum. Capstone projects are a hands-on opportunity for students to work directly with an industry or community partner to generate a real solution to a real problem… a win-win!

Two Capstone Showcases for 2019 took place during the first week of December.

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CST – Systems Analyst Program

This program’s Showcase & Competition took place on Wednesday, December 4th in the Library Learning Commons at Trafalgar. There were a total of 15 Systems Analyst projects completed by students from both the Trafalgar and Davis campuses.

The top three Capstone projects from the program were determined by faculty, and those teams were invited to present at the annual Systems Analyst Capstone Project Competition, a significant milestone that showcases their remarkable work.

Adjudicated by a panel of four industry professionals, all teams should be extremely proud of their accomplishments. Having worked tirelessly to overcome the inherent challenges presented when working on such projects, the judges were truly impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, skills and quality of work.

This year’s Systems Analyst Capstone winning team was Team Cube with their Bike Rental Application at the Hazel McCallion Campus.
Team members included Augusto Goncalez, Jianlin (Sam) Luo, Julia Sakamoto, and Vikki Wong.

Winners! Team Cube
Watch their video trailer!

A sincere thank you to the outstanding faculty members who supported the students through their learning journey. And a special shout-out to the administrative staff who planned and organized the event.

Congratulations also go out to the 2 Runners-up:

ByteTech: Mobile Application for Bakery
Fulya Demirkan, Hadya Adnan, Laura Almeida
Watch their video trailer!
Group 99
Group 99: Sheridan Capstone Portal
Jessica Sjostrom, Yassin Al-Taha, Kejia Li
Watch their video trailer!

Software Development & Network Engineering and Mobile Computing

There was a lively crowd of excited students, professors, administrators and industry guests attending this year’s Capstone Showcase on Friday, December 6th in the Library Learning Commons at the Trafalgar campus.

There were 15 Software Development Network Engineering projects and 5 Mobile Computing projects. Look at all of the Applied Computing Capstone projects. Below are photos of just a few..

Quickfix - Tutoring App Household Chore Encouragement App
Fire Evacuation Training Simulator Food Donation App

Everyone should feel proud of the work they put into their Capstone project, and the effort it took to complete. The following teams received awards during the Capstone Showcase.

3D Campus Navigation App
Campus Navigator: 3D Campus Navigation App
Alvin Ramoutar, Jennifer To, Pavan Kumar Kuntumalla
BEST Mobile Computing!
Realism Dining
Realism Dining: Augmented Dining Experience
Simon McNeil, Anh Nguyen, Vincenzo Gerasolo
Significant Technical Achievement!
Panda Rewards
Panda Rewards: Household Chore Encouragement App
Karolina Marques, Ayelet Greenspan, Garima Gera, Prabhjit Natt
Significant Technical Achievement!
POI Tracking
Scavengers: Point of Interest Tracking Through NFC
Adhrika Udaylal Pai, Michaela Icmat, Sneh Preet Singh, Samir Kazim Nasser
ITS Award!
Fire Evac Training Simulator
Fire Evacuation Training Simulator
Nicole Armstrong-Smith, Calvin Lai, Jayesh Vaghela
EDGE Award!
Food Donation App
Koko: Food Donation App
Qing Ge, Xiaoyu Liang, Dennis Alberto Suarez, Khoa Tran