Sheridan’s Google Developer Student Club (GDSC)  is one of the newest clubs to join our Applied Computing extra curricular offerings. As a broadly established club at other post secondary institutions, credentialing of a lead is required in order to grant approval to initiate the GDSC. Find out more about how this works

We are proud to be able to offer our applied computing students the opportunity to join, participate and earn co-curricular credits in this exciting new club.

Throughout the year, GDSC will be offering a variety of study jams using technologies for Developers for topics like cloud and android, among others. We’ll be delivering career advising sessions, giving back to the wider community and balancing theory with practice. We plan to offer opportunities to grow, learn and network, and participate in the Solution Challenge, Google’s yearly hackathon.

Please reach out to Hoda Abokhadra if you’d like more information about GDSC.

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