After a long spring-summer break, the Electronic-Enabling Club (EE-club) has successfully upgraded to tier two and has resumed weekly online activities.

Being supported by Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA), a Global Association of Electronics Technologies (, SMTA provides the EE-Club with technical support and a strategic plan for club development.

Based on SMTA webinars, journal articles, technical papers and industry experts advice, EE-club has discussed topics like: How electronics work in aerospace and automobile; Design tips: how electronic operate in harsh environment; Effective test strategies for assembled boards; Human Automation: Hands Free Industry 4.0; Fundamental electronic packaging, stencil and reflow etc.

SMTA also provides members with career and leadership training, a series of free training webinars, and giant online international expositions.

“It has never been so convenient and close to watch all the vendors’ video demonstrations for their most competitive and leading edge instruments and products. Since the exhibition was extended for a whole month, we had more freedom to control our own pace. We sincerely thank SMTA for their time and great effort and wish all the best to their staff across border, as well all the professionals who are still working on the frontline of fabrication” said Yan Cui.

Besides industry practice training, the most popular activities for EE-Club members are hands-on. Activities like disassembling a laptop, soldering a voice actuated Marquee Letter (which, incidentally, was made by a 3D printer at CAMDT), working on home-automation over wifi using Wemos ESP8266.

The EE-Club has lots of opportunity for its membership to learn, grow and connect with electronics-minded students.

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